Swimsuits, tanks, and shorts!
Those are the first three things that come to mind when I think about what I am going to be wearing this summer.

First off, let’s see what the trends are gonna be this year. After Coachella, many different looks have come about and inspired new fashion. It looks like the 80’s and 90’s fads are coming back and we are LOVING it.
Denim everything, pops of color, pastels, grunge looks, hippie looks, and skirts are all what’s in this year.

For even more info on whats hit or miss this summer, check out local fashion blogger Gabbie Tolkinen‘s new fashion blog!
It has everything you’ll need to know about being in style this season.

Here are some of our new favorites for this summer’s fashion from topshop.com

Blogs 1

Beachwear, duh. What even is summer without the beach?
One pieces are coming back even hotter than ever! Covering up has never seemed so scandalous.
Strappy suits and v-neck one pieces are what to buy.
Let’s take a look at our favorite swimsuits from our beloved lulus.com !!

Blogs 2

As ALWAYS, we’d love to see all of your looks this summer.
Check out our Pinterest page for even more inspiration or make your own look and share with us there!

Feel free to comment any wardrobe ideas and contributions to share with others!
Share online with us using #jspsummer2017 !


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I’ve know Hana her whole life and she was always a sweet adorable little girl.
When I was asked to do her senior portraits I was elated, because she has grown into such a beauty!
But more than that, Hana has such a kind spirit…she’s that person everyone instantly falls in love with!
She is the true definition of a young lady!

Hana wanted her portraits on her family farm, so that’s what we did!
We had a gorgeous evening with lots of old buildings, cars and beautiful countryside to utilize.
And did I mention the little rascal that stole the show…her dog Rachel!

Thanks for sharing this special evening with me Hana!

Hana Blog 1Hana Blog 2Hana Blog 3


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You made it! The big day! The start of a new chapter……..GRADUATION!!!
To all graduating seniors, we congratulate you on your accomplishments and wish you well in the next chapter of your life.
We are so proud of you!

Now, as you get ready to grab your diploma, let’s talk about how you’ll want to look on your special day.
Let’s face it, the photos taken on this day will be around for a LONG time.
So, we suggest a classic look that will not be dated in 20 years.
Believe me, you don’t want to look back and say, 
“Ugh…that was so 2017!”.


Tears may be shed, so keep the eyeliner to a minimum and use a waterproof mascara.
Use colors that complement your eye color and skin tone. Eyeshadows should be nude or
light pink colors to accent your eye’s as well as to keep a softer look.
If you choose to wear eyeliner, maybe shy away from the black. If you have blue eyes,
brown or navy (waterproof) eyeliner will not disappoint.
If you have green/hazel eyes, a pretty olive or deep green or purple will make the color pop in your eyes.
Brown eyes have the freedom to use any colors, but browns and a grey/black will add enough accent to your eyes to make them stand out.

Mascara should be waterproof, as mentioned previously, and compliment your eyeliner (if you choose to wear some).
Blue, green, and hazel eyes should try a deep brown mascara or black that won’t make your lashes chunky.
Maybelline’s Manga Mascara has the perfect wand, brush, and formula to make your lashes look long, thick, and natural.



Natural means light face makeup, blush, highlighter, etc.
If you struggle with blemishes or rough skin texture, neutrogena’s line of long wear face makeup will give you the best coverage.
Be sure to go easy on the concealer, this is not the day for a cake-face. Be sure to always set the cremes and liquids on your face with a powder!
This will set your make up and help it last all day. If you choose to broze, try a natural looking powder bronzer like Tarte’s Hoola Bronzer.
For a highlight, you don’t want to look like a glazed donut. Try using Becca’s powder highlighter in champagne pop above your bronzer/on your cheekbone.
If you don’t want to break the bank, try L’Oreal’s liquid highlighter in the pearl shade for a nice accent to your cheekbone.
A personal favorite for a natural blush is Benefit cosmetics blush in coralista. Another great blush that is similar, and cheaper, is Milani’s baked blush in luminoso!
When applying blush,
smile and apply on the apples of your cheeks while being sure to blend it out.

Some of us were blessed with naturally thick/perfect brows. Some of us were not.
Using a light powder or pencil (NYX has great brow products) to add shape and a little dimension to your brows will perfect your face makeup.
Add a little highlighter under the brow bone for an extra pop!


Most if not all of these wonderful products can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta Beauty (online or in store).
As always, we cannot wait to see all of the looks everyone comes up with! Please share with us using #jspgraduation17


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The absolute LAST thing you want to worry about on graduation day is your hair… SO, here we are to help you out.

With a cap on top of your head, you won’t have much to work with in terms of intricate hair detailing.
Keeping your hair down with little to no bobby pins or hair ties is probably the most ideal.


Add a few waves or big curls with any of these easy tricks:
Sleep in big braids or hair rollers;
Use a large barrel wand and a long lasting/holding hairspray for large curls;
Try Powder Puff before using heat for a more voluminous hairstyle;
Or use heated rollers (leave them in for up to 20 minutes) and set with a holding spray.

If none of these sounds appealing you can always flat iron your hair for a simple and classic look.
Be sure to apply heat protectant prior to any use of heated tools.

Prom 5


The options are limited, but if you have big thick curly hair, your best bet is to leave it
natural and apply some coconut oil from the root until the ends of your hair when it’s damp to tame the frizz.
Organics has my heart for the best coconut oil and it can be bought in most if not all drugstores, Target’s, and Walmart’s.

Want to really change it up? Flat iron those curls and be bold! You only graduate once, am I right?!
If being simple is totally not your thing, we get it. Maybe try a long braid in your hair.
If you are still searching for inspiration, head over to our pinterest page!


As always… share with us! Use #jspgraduation17 so we can see all of your beautiful faces.


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As an artist, I am always trying new things to keep it fresh for my clients.
Who wants to do what everyone else is doing?  I don’t!

So, I introduce to you the Parachute Skirt!
This skirt will be available to use during your JSP Senior Portrait Session starting in June 2017!
It’s different and dramatic and brings a little magic to your session.

It’s quite easy.  You just pair it with a simple dress and then we let the the chute do the rest!
If you don’t have the perfect dress, don’t fret, I have a few in my studio closet that will work for just about anyone.

Want to try it?  Don’t wait to book your JSP senior portraits any longer!
June and July are already fully booked, but I’ve got just the spot for you in August, September or October.
I can’t wait to fly with you!

Parachute Dress

Model: Annabelle Martineau from Shakopee Senior High School


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