Kassie is a super sweet, strong-willed, driven young woman! She loves to play basketball, run track,
listen to music, meet new people, travel and be in nature.
We mades sure to have an adventure in nature for her session!
Kassie plans to go to college to be a trauma nurse and is looking forward to meeting new people
and exploring new places after she graduates.

To Kassie, true beauty is accepting yourself as you are and finding your happiness.

H&MUA: Brittany Kinney Beautē

Kassie Hauser 1 copyKassie Hauser 2 copyKassie Hauser 3 copyKassie Hauser 4 copyKassie Hauser 5 copyKassie Hauser 6 copyKassie Hauser 7 copy

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Summer may have flown by, but it is not too late to start shopping for this year’s new looks!
To start prepping for the new school year, amp up your wardrobe with some of these trendy clothes.

Denim is still rocking many outfits. Add some edge to your outfit with a denim skirt or jacket.
Embroidery is also still serving looks, so, finding a simple top that has that little pop of color/embroidery will take your outfit to another level.
All of these articles of clothing are from the wonderful topshop

blogggs 3

If these new looks don’t suit your fancy, try out loose fitting clothes and dresses. Skin tight clothing is headed out for a bit and is making room for some flow.
If you have not noticed yet, bright colors staying back, and cooler tones
and patterns are stepping up the game.

blogggs 2Last, but not least of course, shoes will be the make or break for any look.

For comfort and low-key style, birkenstocks will always be our go to. Classic sneakers and slip ons, such as vans and converse, are easy go to’s that can be added to almost any outfit.

blogggs 1

Even though we have to say peace out to summer 2017, we can say hello to new beginnings and another wonderful school year.

As always we’d love to see you share your looks with us! Use #jspbacktoschool in your posts with your look. More inspiration is on our pinterest page so of course, pin away!


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Emma is kind, outgoing and athletic! She loves playing softball and volleyball, going out on the lake, and hanging out with her friends.
Emma is planning to become an elementary school teacher and coach! She is really looking forward to playing softball in college and making new memories with new people.

H&MUA: Brittany Kinney Beautē

EMMA A 1 copyEMMA A 2 copyEMMA A 3 copyEMMA A 4 copyEMMA A 5 copyEMMA A 6 copyEMMA A 7 copyEMMA A 8 copy

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Brooke is super fun(ny), kind, caring, confident and smart. She loves to hang out with family and friends, golf, eat comfort food, and watch movies! Brooke is looking forward to studying biology or psychology in college and being independent.

“True beauty is someone who shows confidence in themselves and who they are.” -Brooke

If you followed my snapchat story of Brooke’s session you’ll see she is super goofy and so much fun!
I just love Brooke’s energy and outlook on life!

H&MU: Brittany Kinney Beautē

Brooke Buthe 1 copyBrooke Buthe 2 copyBrooke Buthe 4 copyBrooke Buthe 5 copyBrooke Buthe 3 copy

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Isabelle is smart, kind, super silly and just wants to have fun!
She HATES ants (we met a few) and LOVES her cats!
She is looking forward to meeting new people in college while studying to be a Marine Biologist or Veterinarian somewhere WARM!!!
She is involved in dance and loves volunteering with the Special Olympics Volleyball team AND is part of my 2018 Model Crew!

Isabelle’s definition of true beauty is when someone is truly being themselves.

H&MUA: Brittany Kinney Beautē
Brows: Amber Budd Atelier

isabellle 1 copyisabellle 2 copyisabellle 3 copyisabellle 4 copyisabellle 5 copyisabellle 6 copy

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